Realm Of Glass - Reveries from the Haunted
Progressive Symphonic Metal
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Reviewed by Joel
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Realm Of Glass is a Progressive Symphonic Metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin(proud to say my hometown!). Their brand of Symphonic Metal, is definitely on the darker side, with lyrics not speaking of fantasy, but human emotions, and the rollercoaster that life is. Much like life in that sense the ten songs that are here take you on a journey, and at first you have no idea where you are going. The band consists of guiarist Justin Hernandez, Nikky Mattson's (vocals),Arik Malcom(guitars), to the tasteful keyboards of Matthew Shnurer, to the rhythm section of Kyle Rack on Drums and Ben Kuzay on bass(Yes, Symphonic Music where the bass isn't being drowned out in the mix! Amazing! On top of that played really well!). So now that you know who the band is, and where they are from, and what they may sound like, is the music any good?

Rebirth is a three minute intro, guided by strings and a solo cello at the end that lead directly into Forsaken. Forsaken continues the slow symphonic melody for the first twenty seconds, before the driving guitar riffs and drumming find their way in. Definitely a great opening song to get a first time listener's attention. Mattson's vocals remind me in delivery of Amy Lee of Evanescence(I know not a metal band per se, but with this music it works!), with an emotional vocal delivery(a constant on the whole disc). The riffs are varied, yet pretty straight ahead and what I like most is how each instrument can be heard clearly, a sign of good production values. The next two songs are Dreams Pt. I and Pt. II. The first one has haunting keys and driving double bass drums in the beginning. The more progressive parts of the band can be heard during the verses, chords and single notes that flow together effortlessly. Shunurer's piano playing is definitely displayed on this song, and fits the music perfectly. It never finds a way to take over the song, but yet sits comfortably somewhere in the middle of the mix. Remember that audible bass I was talking about earlier?? You can hear it just after a minute of half in Pt. II(which is an instrumental). I am not kidding when I say Steve Harris(Iron Maiden of course), would be proud and impressed by Kuzay's talent. Unease slows things down, with keyboards, synths, and Mattson being the focus of the whole song. Is it bad for a metalhead, to get chills after hearing such a performance? Or is it mad, to keep listening to it again?

Now the title track is hands down my favorite song on the entire disc. It is not the heaviest, not the softest, but it struck a literal chord(excuse the pun) with me. The lyrics had me going back and listening to the song a few times, just so I could hear every word. If you ever had a song that you listened to when you didn't have the best day, and for those few minutes it made it better? That is the type of song this is. The dynamics, the lyrics, and the music itself, makes this the best song on the entire disc in my opinion. Light Of Death weaves between being fast and speedy and slower melodic with ease. Some familiarity with songs that came before it, but not a carbon copy either. Broken opens with pianos and returns to the speedier sounds of Light Of Death and Forsaken. Redemption has some cool rhythmic changes and guitar melodies in the verses. At nearly eight minutes Arise from the Ashes is the most progressive song as well as the last song. Dual guitar harmonies, stop and go riffs over a mid paced beat dominant the early parts of the song, before the drums take a double-time feel, with that bass being heard again. I probably could dedicate a paragraph to this whole song, and it still wouldn't be enough. Next to the title track this is my second favorite song on the disc.

So all in all, ten different tracks, by a collection of very talented local musicians who deserve to be heard. While it amazes me to believe bands like this are unsigned, hopefully someone will take notice. This is the type of band I like to review, it gives you the reviewer, something new to read about, something that might even be a little different than what you were just listening too. Dark, progressive, symphonic, and emotional, all signs to me of something unique, and definitely worth listening too. CHECK THIS OUT FOR MORE INFO ON THE BAND>

Killing Songs :
Forsaken, Reveries from the Haunted, Arise from the Ashes"
Joel quoted 86 / 100
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