Professor Black - You Bastard!
Ektro Records
Heavy Metal
6 songs (21'36")
Release year: 2018
Ektro Records
Reviewed by Alex

Professor Black’s life in heavy metal cannot be extinguished. As soon as his other acts die slow (Dawnbringer) or fiery (Superchrist, not sure if it is still alive) death, Professor Black will find another outlet to resurrect himself. This is not to mention Pharaoh, of course, but today we are talking about his eponymous act of which little has been known except that Gezol of Metalucifer once took part. I could be all wrong not knowing all of Professor Black’s current motions, but two things are certain. One – I still like his Metal Maniacs written contributions, and two – the man’s enthusiasm for heavy metal is insatiable.

You Bastard! EP showcases exactly that in the form six cuts, pulled to life as if from early to mid-80s. Muscular and naïve (When the Devil Walks Again), catchy and anthemic like Manowar (Last Call) or old WASP (Stuck in the USA), the songs on the EP make me reach out for the dusty air guitar, so that I can follow these simple, straightforward and absolutely infectious hooks. Not polished, full of repetition, sometimes with the slightly downtuned attractive chugs (Closer to the Blade), these songs invoke the images of motorcycle riding, long hair flowing in the wind, helmet be damned, and they give every downtrodden, bar playing metalhead hope that he/she can make it as well. Just stick with it believing in yourself.

Recorded by Professor Black himself, with mixing done but no other than Sanford Parker, and released by the Finnish friends at Ektro, You Bastard! reeks of DIY approach, throws in a thicker bass line (Stuck in the USA), doubles guitars on leads (When the Devil Walks Again) and has vocals that may sound a little too weepy (but not Ozzy weepy). All in all, this EP breathes familiarity, rewinds 30 years of my life, but doesn’t sound a bit dated.

Killing Songs :
Liked them all
Alex quoted 80 / 100
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