Hell's Coronation - Unholy Blades of the Devil
Godz Ov War Productions
Blackened Doom Metal
5 songs (28'18")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

Hell’s Coronation is a Polish duo playing blackened doom. At least they are doing it on Unholy Blades of the Devil EP which randomly fell into my hands.

The disposition of the EP became apparent rather early to me, after a short perverted instrumental Empty Shells of the Sacrament is followed by dragging you through the mud Temple of Wickedness. Dirty bottom end and atonal note bending riding atop the rhythm section, Temple of Wickedness closes with a groovy slowdown, which also happens to open Descent into the Depths of Unspeakable Evil as well. Cymbals sounding like stainless steel sheets waving in the wind, croaky preachy voice, by the end of Descent into the Depths of Unspeakable Evil it is obvious Hell’s Coronation is after cultish feeling, doing worship along the left hand path. Satanic Scepter may have a weird celebratory atmosphere, but it is pretty obvious it is not the good thing the band is celebrating. Riffing and atmosphere the biggest engines on the EP, melody is mostly an afterthought for Hell’s Coronation, until the closer Luciferian Wind Blows from the North hits. There is a definite progression here, the whole song waving in the trance, muscular bonding of sorts, all the way until the crowning epic monumental end.

Slower, on purpose, Unholy Blades of the Devil demonstrates that black metal can come in all sizes. Combined with groove and descendant slowdowns, the EP is a veneration of something dark, and I was pretty convinced a shower might be needed after experiencing the dirt Hell’s Coronation piles in the course of these 28 min. Assuming you will survive this ceremony they make you a part of …

Killing Songs :
Luciferian Wind Blows from the North
Alex quoted 72 / 100
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