Nocturnal Rites - Shadowland
Century Media
Melodic Power Metal
10 songs (47'00)
Release year: 2002
Nocturnal Rites, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny
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It is always difficult to talk about your favorite band. After Iced Earth, I like to say to my friends I am a die-hard fan of Nocturnal Rites. And since a very long time now .... So you can imagine how anxious I was when I received the promo and pressed the play button :)

After the departure of Anders Zackrisson (vocalist), the band has naturally changed its sound : from true metal, Nocturnal Rites plays now a kind of power metal, with speed touch here and there. It took me some time to cross the bridge with their previous album (Afterlife), but today I can tell you Nocturnal Rites did the right choice. What a wonderful power metal album !!! Their best record .... at that time. I am saying "at that time", because these days we see the arrival of their new album, Shadowland.

It sounds almost like a "cliché", but Shadowland is better, more mature, enormous compare to Afterlife. Yes this time I can shout it : Nocturnal Rites has found their path. After five records, they have now their sound, their trademark, their own melodies and their song-writing is a lesson of perfection. Holy shit, they did it again !!!

The new singer (Johnny Lindkvist) is a monster, with a capital M. Today, Johnny is totally integrated in Nocturnal Rites. In fact, he is almost Nocturnal Rites. His wonderful voice has transformed the band. The emotions that he puts on each songs, each word is the touch of a giant. Yes I am comparing Johnny to the best metal vocalists around, singers that make the difference alone. Johnny (be good) .... you are a King !

I intentionally decided to avoid the comparison on the Afterlife's review, but this time it has become more evident : Nocturnal Rites sounds like these old Pretty Maids records - first three albums to be precise - supported by a bombastic guitar & drum sound. Oh dear, I have been waiting my all life for the follower of Future World (Pretty Maids) ... and this is my favorite band who transform my dreams into reality. The only way I found to describe you Revelation (4th song) is to compare it to all-time songs : you like Future World (Pretty Maids), you like Mirror, Mirror (Blind Guardian) or you like Valley Of The Kings (Gamma Ray) .... well well well, Revelation is that kind of song. The chorus on Revelation has exploded my heart, the rhythm of this song being simply perfect. Vengeance (7th track) is the expression of what should be a power/speed metal song : Magical with capital M.

I let you discover by your own the mid-tempo songs like Faceless God, Birth Of Chaos, The Watcher or Invincible. Eyes Of The Dead is an excellent way to start an album, the kind of entrance that scores immediately. What a diversity, a variety from the songwriters ! Never Die (5th song) is as good as Revelation and I am wondering how many records like this one Nocturnal Rites will have to deliver again before the metal fans recognize Nocturnal Rites talent???

Well, I thing the time has come to wake up !!! Nocturnal Rites rules, Nocturnal Rites is one of the best Scandinavian power metal band - if not the best - and this Shadowland will be on my list at the end of 2002. If you are a fan of true, power or classical heavy metal, don't miss this one for nothing. Buy it ! Jump on it ! Get it ... or stay ignorant forever.

Nocturnal Rites, The New Leader Of The Pack :)). Now guys, don't you think the time has come to record a live ?

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Danny quoted 97 / 100
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