Midas Fall - Evaporate
Monotreme Records
Progressive Gothic Post-Rock
10 songs ()
Release year: 2018
Monotreme Records
Reviewed by Alex

There is something about Scottish ambient progressive post-rock duo Midas Fall that I will need clarification on. So the angelic ethereal vocals by Elizabeth Heaton can be explained, the lady is just incredibly talented. But who is responsible for the rest of the music? Her partner in crime Rowan Burn? Is she (Midas Fall is all female power) playing all of the other instruments making appearance on Evaporate? Or are there a number of anonymous helpers? Because one thing is certain, as natural, unprocessed and organic as Evaporate sounds, it is hard to imagine synthetic instruments could have been used.

So while the process of putting this weightless album together is in question, it is beyond the doubt the ladies wove a dark atmospheric tapestry full of very different emotions changing from track to track. In fact, it almost became a challenge and amusement to try and figure out the underlying sensations roused by different compositions on Evaporate. There is a steadier gothic darkwave of Glue. Soveraine is definitely atmospheric where Elizabeth’s voice sounding against contrabass, shimmering percussion and guitar tremolo is my version of the early morning sun rays breaking through the grey clouds. The title track starts out as chamber music with viola/cello, but grows more ominous with its modern sound experiments, syncopated rhythms and piano sprinkles. The duo calls the opener Bruise Pusher “savage cacophony”, but what I hear are some super tender voice touches rising above the warbling background … and totally beating the darkness. Dust and Bone is totally dissonant and unsettling, while Sword to Shield exudes unbelievable rising warmth. In Sunny Landscpares is shy, barely alive, with life almost totally snuffed out of it, while Lapsing may start that way, however, its modest spring melting flow in the end becomes a powerful stream. And then, with a final roar of power, Howling at the Clouds crushes everything to the ground, march-like percussion and all, when you least expect it.

If you are into ambient, gothic, progressive or ambient, you are guaranteed to find at least a one track you will like on Evaporate. If at some point you enjoyed Aesma Daeva, Aerial Ruin, Dark Castle or Autumn Tears, your chances of enjoying Midas Fall are high as well.

Killing Songs :
Evaporate, Sword to Shield, Lapsing
Alex quoted 80 / 100
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