Evil Hunter - Evil Hunter
Fighter Records
Heavy Metal
8 songs (35'01")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

Spanish Evil Hunter may indeed be composed of “experienced” musicians, as their promo sheet claims, only I am not familiar with any of the Spanish bands they come from. Fighter Records, nevertheless, continues to uncover quality heavy metal coming out of Spain, and they do not miss the mark with Evil Hunter either.

Self-titled debut does not open any new metal horizons, but pushes classic metal while making brief stopovers at power metal and hard rock stations. For many a composition (Surf the Waves, Evil Hunter, Hot Leather) this will invoke memories of ancient Accept, only speedier and a little harsher sounding. Tight metallic riffs of Surf the Waves, waddling gait of Evil Hunter or gallop to battle opening Heartbeat completely make Evil Hunter welcome into the classic metal fans’ circles and its openness and genuine approach certainly seduce. Vocalist Damian Chicano does sound a little demented (Surf the Waves) and can pull out a scream (end of Heartbeat) or laugh evilly (opening of Hot Leather). If he is the guy in the middle of the Evil Hunter photograph, then he even looks a little like the legendary Udo some 30-35 years ago. Being so familiar to the audiences with their approach, looks and style Evil Hunter may invoke some painful melodic reminiscences I can’t quite fully place (chorus of Surf the Waves), but they are absolutely catchy, can wield their guitars with gusto, kick ass with bass guitars on Hot Leather, and cycle through the range of emotions from absolutely rousing (Heartbeat) to power metal heroic (Go) to sultry (Hot Leather).

There are a few missteps. Hold Me Tight is dirtied up Joshua Perahia hardrock with a corny subject matter and I could bet $1,000 Evil Hunter would go balladic at some point. It happens with a cleaner sounding By Your Side, only the song breaks the flow and feels a little trite. Fortunately, closer Open Up Your Eyes brings everything back onto a thrashy ground and rollicking bursting lead cures matters.

I wonder who did cover art for Evil Hunter as our webmaster/owner Chris would have made a candy of this concept. Definitely his style.

Killing Songs :
Surf the Waves, Evil Hunter, Heartbeat, Hot Leather
Alex quoted 74 / 100
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