Gloam / Obscure Evil - split
Blood Harvest Records
Black Metal / Death Thrash
2 songs (15'55")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

As far as splits go, Gloam and Obscure Evil may just be a couple of tracks, but it does pack a punch.

On Gloam’s Black Swords of Desecration the opening pounding diminishes somewhat and Californians come out with a strange, weird, somewhat middle-Eastern, and definitely evil melody. Above the thrashy/punky background no less evil leads fly, creating an epic atmosphere. And Gloam is just circling, buzzing and repeating a few times, until 6 min in everything tiredly crushes into a climax, where you hear layered stretchy and distorted guitars even better.

Peruvians Obscure Evil packed a whole lot into their side of the split. I still am trying to figure out whether Tribes of Ueth and Necronihilism are two separate cuts, or one long composition. After an open Omen-like quick organ intro Obscure Evil launches into an awesome set of riffs, and then blasting debauchery follows. Obscure Evil manages to deliver a balanced sound with their death thrash, except the vocals may be a little depressed in the mix. The band continues to whip themselves into a screwed up maddening dance, resulting in a passionate frenzy. The second part of the Obscure Evil composition has more of the groovy chug, but it is no less fanatical and fervent. Sadly, this split appears to be a swan song by Obscure Evil, as they seize to exist only after a couple years of lifetime. The hotness of the fires they delivered here will smolder for a while.

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