Invocation (Chile) - The Mastery of the Unseen
Iron Bonehead Productions
Blackened Death Metal
2 songs (10'15")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

Invocation is such a metal word, at least seven or eight bands out there have it as a full moniker, not to mention Death, Goat or a few other types of Invocation. Chilean power trio are in a full moniker fitting mode, with their prayers and chants delivered in a blackened death style. Being Chilean, Invocation sound on The Mastery of the Unseen, reveals their country of origin and South American continent in general. Without being sonically overbearing, the main goal of the EP is to create a sulfurous ritualistic atmosphere. There is no doubt which god(s) Invocation call upon. Without pummeling you to death or grinding you in half, Chileans are spot on with their boiling festering cauldron, cymbals rustling in the distance, but mainly guitars providing this characteristic vibrating nervy tone. Vocals are full on beast representation, and songs tend to build up as they go, especially The Spirit Trumpet, which proves that songwriting has been given thought.

While I am not the biggest fan of this style, Iron Bonehead has several bands along these lines, and Invocation certainly does provide sonic quality within the genre.

Killing Songs :
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