Dark Archive - Morningstar
Inverse Records
Theatrical Black Metal
1 songs (3'35")
Release year: 2018
Inverse Records
Reviewed by Alex

Finnish newcomers Dark Archive would like to announce their arrival, even before the first full length release, by putting out a music video Morningstar. The video is supposed to symbolize God abandoning his son Lucifer, translating into everyday life religious families casting aside their children. I would argue that if Lucifer became evil incarnate under these circumstances, then children losing religious shackles can actually be liberated, i.e. transformed to the better, but that is just an individual point of view.

Dark Archive is not here to argue philosophical points, most likely, but instead to showcase their version of black metal, which comes from the Cradle of Filth school of sound. Thus many raw and true black metal fans can dismiss Dark Archive before they even start, but many modern theatrical black metal aficionados keen on the video visuals, fast clicking blasting drums, synth melodies and operatic arrangements may add Dark Archive to the list of bands they would like to visit with.

Killing Songs :
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