Morbosidad - Kill - Santuario del Diablo
Hells Headbangers
Black Death
3 songs (13'00")
Release year: 2018
Hells Headbangers
Reviewed by Alex

US Morbosidad and Swedish Kill describe what Hell would sound like on their brief split. Their Black Death metal can be described as cacophonous, punishing, non-stop blasting and grinding in the case of Morbosidad, with words retched out reluctantly from the orifices not always intended for speaking. This is music nasty in attitude, disposition and listening comprehension. If you don’t want to repeat the experience, I don’t blame you. Neither did I.

Kill takes a more lo-fi road compared to Morbosidad. The recording sound levels are much lower, everything seems more compressed and flatter, and tempo, at least in the first half of Prayer of Destruct seems inadequate. It is if death is coming after you groggy. Drilling leads and louder locomotive sounds fill in and speed is more aligned but Prayer of Destruct is still a telling representative of unappealing underground. Morbosidad may have better sound quality but is just as boorish. For special group of fans only who will know what they are getting into, even before they do put the split on. Both bands are veterans of the genre, their discographies stretching back to mid 90s, so there actually could be fans looking for the release. Morbosidad is said to be calling it quits, so this may be their last hurrah in the black grind realm.

Killing Songs :
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