Morte Incandescente - ... Somos o Fogo do Teu Inferno
War Arts Productions
Black Metal
4 songs (17'21")
Release year: 2018
Reviewed by Alex

Morte Incandescente (dead burning bright?) come from the red hot Portuguese black metal underground. Just me, or it seems I get more promos from there than anywhere else. Although the band is not a complete novice, they have a number of full-length releases to their name already, … Somos o Fogo do Teu Inferno is labeled as a demo.

In this short 4 track release Morte Incandescente manages to be rather eclectic and cover multiple facets of black metal, staying true to the mid90s origins of the genre. Closer Cancao do Caixao is energetic, thrashy and agile, just like Abandonado, which hews close to Horna-Sargeist like mortally wounded melody. Penumbra da Realidade and Poema em Branco, on the other hand, are a lot more mid-temp and occult. Penumbra da Realidade is dungeony, its persistent tremolo taking small progression steps. The vocals are demented creature, locked in a cage, not knowing whether to rejoice or to spill out its madness. Poema em Branco is just as demented, starting with a 1-2-3 waltz rhythm and even that falling apart eventually in some fucked up trance.

Very listenable, probably because it is quite varied, Morte Incandescente leaves a positive impression with this demo, as seasoned as they are.

Killing Songs :
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