Devilish Impressions - Postmortem Whispering Crows
Non Serviam Records
Melodic Death/Black Metal
3 songs ()
Release year: 2019
Devilish Impressions
Reviewed by Alex

Devilish Impressions may be a slightly outwardly naïve moniker for a metal band, but the music the Poles put out is anything but naïve. To call the band symphonic black/death metal may be close, as Devilish Impressions are a cross between Necrophobic, Behemoth and Batyushka, although there is not much symphonic bombast on the Postmortem Whispering Crows EP, and at the same time their music is not all church and liturgy. However, when you are associated with Eastern Orthodox theme, you are bound to sound ominous, and Devilish Impressions certainly appear that way. Without singular focus on the religious ceremony sound, however, the band has room to breathe and to create their own, quite impressive, style. In places bordering on melodic death metal, if there is one thing Devilish Impressions make a statement for on the EP it is the melodies themselves.

Postmortem Whispering Crows showcases Devilish Impressions ability to take the riffs and blend them further with a detuned guitar effect, creating impending doom, prediction of disaster feeling. Flourishing it eventually into expansive rocking lead (Dvma) and harmonizing beautifully, you can only imagine listening to this music while prostrate, laying on the floor of an abandoned church turned horrible dungeon. The use of dual vocals, tortured rasp and droning preacher voice, completes the picture of the interplay b/t the victim and the executioner. Your pick as to who is who. Cingvlvm Diaboli can go for a bit of blasting, and Interregnvm opens with a martial militaristic beat, but the band loves to shift to murky waters, almost to heavy distorted Evergrey feel with the same preacher voice being heard ( Cingvlvm Diaboli). The “dark stuff” has slowly evolved into Devilish Impressions signature, allowing for the band to sound unique and not simply blend with the crowd. Fantastic transitions (riff at 1 min of Cingvlvm Diaboli), distinguishing melodies is how Quazarre & Co leave their mark and the EP definitely leaves you wanting more. A good sign for a short statement release.

Killing Songs :
Alex quoted 82 / 100
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