Asagraum - Dawn of Infinite Fire
Edged Circle Productions
Black Metal
9 songs (46:14)
Release year: 2019
Edged Circle Productions
Reviewed by Goat

A female black metal duo from the Netherlands, Asagraum are hardly a traditional prospect on paper, but musically are very traditional indeed. No keyboards, snarled vocals, ominous and intense guitar trills with a psychedelic edge atop blasting drums, this would be impressively vicious regardless of who made it or where they were from. And Asagraum are good at their craft, songs being fast but atmospheric bursts of violence with a ritualistic air at points, especially on slower, moodier sections like Beyond the Black Vortex's opening. Yet these are rare, Dawn of Infinite Fire mostly going all-out as it barrels through brutal blasts like They Crawl From the Broken Circle, a solid mix of almost grindcore heaviness and more atmospheric blackened riffing making for a good foundation.

These atmospheric sections are generally the most impressive, the chaotic but gripping The Lightless Inferno a well-crafted gallop, followed by Abomination's Altar taking a slightly more death metal infused path of darkness, at points almost proggy. It can seem like every track present has an above-average atmospheric section, to the point where you start to listen out for them, but they are always introduced smoothly and don't unbalance the songs - Guahaihoque a good example. Sure, it's not the most varied album in the world, repeating a few tricks especially in the second half and probably a little too long at over forty-five minutes. But by the time you've reached the alternatively pounding and ominous Hate of Satan's Hammer, it's hard not to have had a good time. Some clean vocals on closer Waar ik ben komt de dood are a nice touch, and it'd be good to hear the band experimenting a little more. Otherwise this is more than solid black metal.

Killing Songs :
The Lightless Inferno, Guahaihoque, Hate of Satan's Hammer
Goat quoted 75 / 100
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