!T.O.O.H.! - Komous (EP)
Death Metal
12 songs (17:32)
Release year: 2019
Reviewed by Goat

The unfortunate events that prematurely ended !T.O.O.H!'s career after the masterful Order and Punishment / Řád a Trest album in 2005 left a lot of fans annoyed, and the Czech band's reunion as a duo in 2011 and the subsequent Democratic Solution album annoyed them all over again! It was a departure from the technical death/grind sound with clean vocals and heavily layered synths, which made the band's already eccentric sound downright annoying. So anticipation for more new music from !T.O.O.H! wasn't huge, which makes Komouš something of a nice surprise. Sure, the synths are still there in the form of (far, far too many) intros and outros, and dear lord what were they thinking with that artwork, but the music itself is a vast improvement, albeit not quite up to Order and Punishment standards. Any of the death metal pieces, particularly Pak jí ruce svážu sound close to that album though, having the usual bizarre riffs and technical drumming not to mention harsh vocals. The melodic leads and solos show that the band's songwriting skills haven't faded too far and they still know how well to balance the heavier elements of their music out. Even some clean singing on the title track fits in quite well!

It's hard to recommend this EP overall though, thanks to the interludes, the most complex of which are spoken (Czech) word over synthlines. There are only four actual death metal songs here, which would have flowed just fine as a shorter release, but each song has its own, separate, intro and outro piece, and it would spoil the flow even if they sounded less amateurish than they do. The contrast between the skill shown on the death metal songs and the rest is vast. As good as it is to heard the band making music again, this is really one for fans only. You can hear (and buy) the EP at the band's Bandcamp.

Killing Songs :
Pak jí ruce svážu, Komous
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