Sargeist - Death Veneration
World Terror Committee
Black Metal
4 songs (18'39")
Release year: 2019
Sargeist, World Terror Committee
Reviewed by Alex
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What? There is new Sargeist out there? So soon after the 2018 monster Unbound when the band normally takes 3-4 years between releases? Turns out Death Veneration is a short 4-track EP which was actually recorded in 2017, before Unbound, with tracks on the release meant for splits. Whether those splits haven’t materialized, or it was time for Sargeist to put out something in their label deal, Death Veneration is out. And who am I to complain about these circumstances. Whenever Sargeist has new music out I am all ears.

The EP is direct and visceral Finnish black metal at its best. Of the variety Sargeist, Behexen, Satanic Warmaster and Horna call home. No wonder Sargeist leader Shatraug left its mark on three of these outfits. You can call this music primitive, or you can call it absolutely empowering and uplifting. Riding and grinding riffs of To Make Wolves of Men, all caught in the satanic tornado, repeating blocks of To Feast on Astral Blood arranged in a predictable pattern with an almighty main hook, sure there is nothing subtle about Sargeist chord sequences or melodies. Booming guitars, pulsating bass, vocals the screams of the tortured army and high-hat/cymbals adding the sense of urgency – this elicits a number of emotions straight in your face, sadness, pain, but never resignation. Blasting and grinding chaos of Lunar Curse crashes into double bass with some higher vocal notes and relaxes power grip a bit, but title track pushes it back onto a melodic plane exhibiting power and demanding submission.

Short but incredibly powerful Death Veneration is my crowning end release of 2019 and for those unfamiliar with Sargeist, this can serve as an introduction which I am sure you won’t regret.

Killing Songs :
To Make Wolves of Men, To Feast on Astral Blood
Alex quoted 90 / 100
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