Sargeist - The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence
World Terror Committee
Black Metal
14 songs (1'12'31'')
Release year: 2013
Sargeist, World Terror Committee
Reviewed by Jared

It’s tough to believe that Sargeist has only released three full-length studio albums since their formation back in 1999. For a band that has stayed truer than most to the older Scandinavian black metal sound, it’s always great to see this kind of music still recorded and released with the gritty and coarse sound like those had at the birth of the genre. Sargeist’s album, Let the Devil In, was a fantastic record, and made me quite glad to see that black metal still could still embrace a rebellious sound filled with much blasphemy and darkness. Sargeist has put together a wonderful compilation album that combines together a collection of rare songs previously only released on vinyl and tape releases. It’s a must have collection for any die hard Sargeist fan, and to top it all off, the tracks are re-mastered to give the listener the best Sargeist black metal quality sound.

Sargeist may have come into the black metal equation late in the game, but their material has always felt as though they were around in the early 90s when black metal was first starting to come into complete view. This compilation has all the great black metal vocal shrieking and satanic lyrical writing that would make any Christian cringe. Rarely do I find myself obtaining and enjoying compilation discs, but this is just plain and simple, one of those black metal bands that is just the perfect find once you do discover them.

A lot of Sargeist's albums are easier for me to listen to than most. Black metal can sometimes forget to lay off the snare quite a bit with over obsessive blast beating, but Sargeist likes to take their drumming to a more simple patterns. Of course blast beating is still apparent in a lot of tracks, and this compilation is no different. The guitars sound as if the riffs were composed and conducted by someone with a sadistic and dark attitude, which is just perfect for black metal no doubt. The recordings don’t sound like a mangled mess compared to earlier black metal albums, but still inflict a lot of pandemonium and fury that this genre is widely known for.

This is album is great to just kick back, enjoy a nice pint of ale or two, and soak in some great raw sounding black metal. This compilation spans from Sargeist’s beginnings all the way to their most recent EP, Lair of Necromancy. It was a refreshing experience, and made me quite pleased to see that there are still bands that go to the proper lengths to not only honor the old school black metal sound, but do it fittingly well.

Killing Songs :
The Rebirth of a Cursed Existence, Sinister Glow of the Funeral Torch, Unholy Black Happiness, Crimson Wine, The Moon Growing Colder, Nightmare and Necromancy
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