Visions of Tondal - Visions of Tondal EP
Avant-Garde Progressive Metal
3 songs (17:51)
Release year: 2013
Visions of Tondal
Reviewed by Goat

Despite hailing from Poland, the first thing that you notice about Visions of Tondal is just how Norwegian they sound – particularly like mid-period Arcturus, in fact. The presence of a violinist and vocalist Olaf Chujko’s uncanny similarity to Simen Hestnæs makes it undeniable. Hell, even the tracknames have a similar vibe. What saves Visions of Tondal is a veneer of quality that makes the Arcturus-worship forgivable and the glimpses of an individual identity beneath endearing. After all, it’s not like hundreds of bands are trying to take the Arcturus sound on, and that Visions of Tondal have the skill to pull it off means that this is quite a respectable showcase for them.

Opening track La Valse Infernale gallops straight in, violin-backed riffs and stop-start vocal patterns almost convincing you’re listening to La Masquerade Infernale until about halfway through, when the band ease off a little, a note of Viking influence popping up in the group backing vocals and some piano and electronic beats giving an avant-garde feel. The following Sleep is shorter and focuses more on violin and piano, allowing them to carry the melody, and closing track The Tower of Glass has a slower, darker vibe, sounding almost like classic My Dying Bride with the violin motifs and doomy riffs before ramping up the speed into an epic gallop. It’s a promising ending, making you forget those Arcturus comparisons and making you eager to hear more. What better way to sum it up - more, please!

Killing Songs :
La Valse Infernale, The Tower of Glass
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