Schizophrenia - Voices (EP)
Thrash Metal
5 songs (19:57)
Release year: 2020
Reviewed by Goat

New to the thrash world are five-piece Schizophrenia, hailing from Belgium and sharing members with other underground metal acts like Bütcher and Skelethal. The band name alone would suggest spiritual kinship with one of the genre's less-known guiding lights in Sepultura's second album, and indeed Voices has a similar galloping intensity in its thrashing and wild soloing. A better comparison would be to death-thrashers Demolition Hammer however, the brutal opening track Structure of Death especially having a similarly thick guitar tone and well-battered drumkit.

Yet whichever other act you compare them to, it's hard not to be impressed with Schizophrenia. The technical skill here is well above your usual thrashers, particularly drummer Lorenzo Vissol who especially shines on the opening of Perpetual Perdition, the rest of the band not soon behind as the track speeds along. And each track manages to stand out, from the early-Sepultura-esque fast grooving that opens Mortal Sin to the even faster, black-thrashing title track. Never lessening in intensity or passion, not even slowing on closing number Beyond Reality except for some effects to mix things up, this is a powerful statement of intent and a must-hear EP for thrashers everywhere.

Killing Songs :
Structure of Death, Schizophrenia, Beyond Reality
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