Blood Red Fog - Fields of Sorrow
Deviant Records
Black Metal
8 songs (51:04)
Release year: 2020
Reviewed by Goat

Finland's Blood Red Fog have ploughed their field of jointly depressive and atmospheric black metal for over fifteen years, and although not yet releasing anything that could be defined as classic and having consistently questionable taste in cover art, they are a strong, reliably grim and frostbitten act. The band (currently a duo) do seem to try to make each album distinct and different - Fields of Sorrow, the fifth full-length from the project, is a little more experimental than some in the past, making greater usage of synths to provide melody and background flavour to some of the longer pieces here. This gives each of the five eight-to-eleven minute pieces (and three shorter interlude pieces) an altogether different feel even as they each stick to the atmospheric black base. The title track, for example, has more of a melancholic, autumnal vibe, driven primarily by the almost orchestral riffs and hoarse bellowed vocals, mirrored on Abode of Shadows' slower, almost doom-death-feeling initial two minutes before it speeds up into a whooshy, space-rock infused gallop.

This is intensified on other tracks which take a more spacey and even sci-fi vibe thanks to the synths, especially on the adventurous Mustasta Unesta which has an almost psychedelic feel at moments reminiscent of countrymen Oranssi Pazuzu's earlier works. A more traditional 90s attack can be heard on Gallow Poles and Shallow Graves, using the synths in a slightly less notable role behind the more aggressive riffing. All of these pieces use their lengthy running times well, keeping your attention easily and avoiding repetition - the album doesn't seem nearly fifty minutes long. And even the short interlude pieces, dominated by synths, are more than listenable (a rarity in itself!) particularly outro Gray Steppes. Yet another more than solid album from this underappreciated band.

Killing Songs :
Fields of Sorrow, Mustasta Unesta
Goat quoted 80 / 100
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