Jarhead Fertilizer - Product of My Environment
Closed Casket
11 songs (20:49)
Release year: 2021
Closed Casket
Reviewed by Goat

Maryland-based brutalisers Jarhead Fertilizer have been active for over ten years and Product of My Environment is the foursome's debut full-length, an elegantly packed album that comes in at barely twenty minutes' length. Quality, not quantity is the byword here, however; the band play a crushing form of extreme metal that's something like a more hardcore take on goregrind. Gorecore? Whatever the particular niche subgenre, there's much to like about Product of My Environment for any death metal fan. The songs are brief and catchy, with a nicely heavy guitar tone and deep growled vocals, a touch of Bolt Thrower to the galloping drums and shifting tempos on the title track that is more like old-school Terrorizer once it kicks into high gear. And the band are shrewd songwriters, keeping the energy flowing as the songs more or less start from where the previous track finished.

Only three songs here pass the two-minute mark, the likes of Trials and Tribulations brief yet not simplistic constructions of riffs and beats that are almost impossible not to exercise your neck to. Limited but well-chosen samples add spice, as does industrial/noise interlude Agony Churning. And there's plenty of variety even with this limited palette, Embedded in Your Mind like a more sophisticated slam piece to name one example. An End to Your Sacred World ends with an enjoyable little burst of Slayer-esque soloing, hell, there's even a bass-led intro to the storming Paranoia Seeping, which launches almost immediately into blackened speed. It's hardly anything that hasn't been done before, but as ever with music this blunt and heavy, when done well it deserves praising, and Jarhead Fertilizer do it very well indeed.

Killing Songs :
Product of My Environment, Paranoia Sleeping, Embedded in Your Mind
Goat quoted 80 / 100
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