Angel Dust - Enlighten The Darkness
Century Media
Power Metal
11 songs (53'00)
Release year: 2000
Angel Dust, Century Media
Reviewed by Chris
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Third albums in 3 years Angel Dust have keeping being busy for our only pleasure and let's say that they have made a excellent job so far ! Slowly positioning themselves on the top 10 of power metal bands they are growing stronger with every new CD. Although the band has been existing since the 80', they really began to active 3 years ago with the excellent "Border Of Reality" release. Today "Enlighten the darkness2 comes and is certainly their most mature album so far. For those of you who don't know them yet, Angel Dust plays a strong power metal with a dark atmosphere but it stays very melodic in the same time. Using keybord and piano in the background therefore adding a special touch to their already very full-of-emotions music style. Strong guitar riffs, excellent and complex song writing are also key elements to their sound.

The album starts with song in the spirit of their last release : Bleed. Strong guitars riffs and dark atmoshpere. The song called "Let Me Live" is a headbanger and announce a very good album. But what happens when the player reaches the second track "The One You Are" ? Well, the lightness comes and explode every particules of darkness in your heart and mind. That's one of the best song I've ever listened to !!!! The chorus is amazing, with backplaying piano that plunges you into a strange state of mind. And like it wasn't enough a female vocal appears at the end of the track, just adding something else to this already killing song. God I love Metal when it's played like that !

Third song start with a heavy riff, coming out of the 80's. Again the smart use of the keyboards add something to their songs... one note then and there just to add up some mystical elements to their already captivating dark atmosphere. Again bridges and chorus will totally hypnotise you by this atmosphere and the emotions they creates. But not one more word, you've got to discover the rest by yourself, and like the name of the song I'll let you : "Enjoy!" With no surprise to me this album is a TNT charged bomb ! It will blow away everything in it's trajectory. Angel Dust are making HUGE progress from one album to the other, and that's very scary because both first and second albums were already excellent !!! Keep it up guys and congratulations. I recommend that every metal fans check this one, you should all be able to find something in this album, and for power metal fans : buy-or-die album, eyes closed !

Killing Songs :
The One You Are (fantastic !!!), Enjoy, Come Into Resistance & I Need You.
Chris quoted 93 / 100
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