Archgoat - Worship the Eternal Darkness
Debemur Morti Productions
Black Metal
10 songs (41:36)
Release year: 2021
Debemur Morti Productions
Reviewed by Goat

Going from the sort of band you'd recommend as a joke to the sort of band that only jokers wouldn't recommend, Finland's Archgoat have blasted out their form of blasphemous black/death in one form or another since 1989. Yet since 2018's The Luciferian Crown they've proven that they're capable of more, and accordingly fifth full-length Worship the Eternal Darkness is their slickest and most expert distillation of darkness yet. That's not to say that they've suddenly turned into a mainstream act, of course not; the band are very much heralds of evil; blunt, raw, and bludgeoning. Yet they've become more capable of writing a decent song, more capable of crafting solid, ear-snagging riffs, and accordingly the already infectious Luciferian Crown must admit defeat and accept that Worship the Eternal Darkness is altogether more entertaining and more likely to be recommended as an example of blackened metal excitement. After the expected Intro (featuring goat bleats, female moans, and deep-voiced incantations) first track proper Heavens Ablaze simply storms in, machine gun drumming and riffs driving the blasphemy. Yet before the two minute mark a more atmospheric approach has taken over, and the band are exploring deeper, darker things.

The eerie rumble of Black Womb Gnosis, for instance, opens into a guitar-led widdle-fest from the halfway point, allowing its dark melodies to take over and dominate even as the track shifts focus back towards blunt rhythmic brutality, doom-tinged riffs tolling like bleak bells. And although All Christianity Ends continues the slower pace with actual tolling bells and crawling riffs, volcanic molasses dripping in your ears as said Christians find their fate, the following In Extremis Nazarene turns the focus towards grindier territory with a galloping battery and moments of unhinged widdly soloing between crusty riff-bombs. The title track is downright black n roll, and finale Burial of Creation is possibly the greatest song from Archgoat yet; opening with atmospheric grunts and classic doom riffs, building to the catchiest riffing on the album as the band open up into a crushing assault, frequently interrupted by everything from spoken grunts to angelic keyboard trills.

And of course, the downright bizarre moments like the cheeping rats and twisted (backward?) vocals that open Rats Pray God help it stand out (even if the intense Motörhead-gone-black-metal blast that ensues doesn't do the job!) or the sinister grunts and rain of Empyrean Armageddon. Each of these pieces revels in its grinding blackened rumble, having the sort of atmosphere that lesser bands would kill for. And although it's not quite perfect (the spoken interludes in Blessed in the Light of Lucifer are almost too silly even for this project, and it would be nice to have more chaotic blasting to counterpoint the serpentine crawls) the heartfelt intensity with which this album is delivered more than makes up for it. A blackened monument that more than fits this strange year, Archgoat deliver yet again.

Killing Songs :
Heavens Ablaze, Black Womb Gnosis, Worship the Eternal Darkness, Burial of Creation
Goat quoted 83 / 100
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