Aeviterne - The Ailing Facade
Profound Lore Records
Atmospheric Death Metal
8 songs (50:51)
Release year: 2022
Profound Lore Records
Reviewed by Goat
Surprise of the month

Something of a mini-supergroup with members of such elite underground icons as Artificial Brain bassist Samuel Smith (here on guitar) and former Castevet drummer Ian Jacyszyn, Aeviterne play a very atmospheric form of death metal. It's a little more avant-garde than cavernous, although the intense buzzing of opener Denature pushes the boundaries, often slipping into technical death metal territory thanks to the complex drumming and eerie guitar soloing. Don't be put off and assume this is the latest dissonant Incantation clone of the week, however, as Aeviterne have plenty of unique flavour. The industrial vibes to the opening of the chaotic Still the Hollows' Sway, for instance, the track moving between ghostly ambience and clattering intensity as it builds in an almost atmospheric sludge style; definitely a highlight on an album full of them.

Each track manages to seize your attention in some way, the sinister snarled ranting and almost 80s synths on the sci-fi nightmare of Penitent, or the relentless churning of The Gaunt Sky, building the tension extremely well before turning into a tech-death distension. Frequent readers will assume some similarity with synthy experimentalists The Lion's Daughter, but Aeviterne are far more conventionally sinister and death metal in style - they're closer at points to dark ambient wizards Portal, particularly on the likes of Obeyance with its detuned cacophony. Meshuggah are another touchstone in the guitar work and general discordance, particularly on the largely instrumental title track and Dream in Lies, suitably dreamily grooving its way for over nine minutes without losing intensity or focus. And although at over fifty minutes long the album is in danger of outstaying its welcome, it doesn't happen thanks to how solid the songwriting is, and how sharp the atmospheric impact is. Perfectly judged production too, thanks to the busy fingers of Colin Marston. An impressive debut.

Killing Songs :
Still the Hollows' Sway, The Reeking Suns, The Gaunt Sky
Goat quoted 85 / 100
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