Holy Moses - Disorder Of The Order
Century Media
Thrash Metal
12 songs (41'00)
Release year: 2002
www.holymoses.de, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

Holy Moses belongs to the 80's. At that time, Uli Kusch was a member of this band ... before rejoining Helloween. Holly Moses has left its thrash footprint amongst other well know German thrashers (Sodom, Destruction, Kreator or Tankard). The band parted way early in the 90's, but the singer - Sabina "Princess Of Hell" Classen - decided to reactivate the band with a bunch of young fellows ... lucky woman :)).

Andy Classen - the original guitarist and the main songwriter - is now a well known producer and did not rejoin his sister Sabina ... officially. However, the guy is the sixth member, the ghost of the band, as all songs of Disorder Of The Order have been written by him. Of course, the brother has also produced this record ... quite logical. The production is topnotch, with a powerful and crystal clear sound.

Holy Moses released Master Of Disaster last year to announce its comeback. I wasn't impressed by this EP that I found very very conventional, a commercial move. However, with Disorder Of The Order, Holy Moses sounds fresh this time : I mean the songs are this time impregnate by the 80's, the glorious years of the German thrash metal. Sabina is really the Princess Of Hell and I am wondering how the lady will not explode her vocals on stage ... being so dark and deep. What a devil voice ! Ah these women :)

After the intro - the only place you listen to the keyboard - the thrash ride starts with We Are At War. Ooooaaaw, the lady is really angry and shoot (at the devil) like she was living her last seconds of life. Melodies are not legions, but the guitars solos - fast and sharp - create the tempo. An aggressive & technical thrash ... sounding a bit like Destruction. The drummer is impressive, supported by a clear drum sound, and songs like Break The Evil or Hell On Earth (reminding me old Kreator) are damned corrosive. A bit "linear" after 41 minutes, but the innovative songs Verfolgungswahn (in German) or Deeper (Rammstein tempo) proves at least the band is looking forward.

Holy Moses, still in search of its new identity, hasn't released the ultimate thrash album - better check out Killswitch Engage - but remains true with its origin. Now of course the band must learn to write songs alone, without the help of Sabina's brother. For fans of German thrash.

Killing Songs :
We Are At War, Disorder Of The Order
Danny quoted 78 / 100
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