Holy Moses - Master Of Disaster
Century Media
Thrash 80'S
5 songs (17'30)
Release year: 2001
www.holymoses.de, Century Media
Reviewed by Danny

This band is a cult underground band of the 80's. This legendary act was originally started in 1980 by Jochen Fuenders & Ramon Bruessler, but this band started to really make headway within the German thrash metal scene when Sabina and Andy Classen joined the band.

Following the cycle of come back (started a few years back), Holy Moses try (will try) to (re)conquer the heart of thrash metal fans out there ... with this "very special voice" of Sabina, who is back the microphone with his long friend Jochen Fuenders.

Following the 5 songs of this MCD, I have some doubt they will do a killing. Master Of Disater (hmmm, what a strange title for a come-back ???) will may be please the fans of Holy Moses, but the voice of Sabina is so strange and this thrash metal is somehow "so old" and conventional (Destruction and Kreator have written that a long time ago), that I could bet a fortune this one will not hit the billboard.

Now, if you like thrash "old shool" metal (especially the German one) and you want to have everything out of this scene, don't miss this one. However, my advise will be this one : "Listen carefully before you buy .... as Sabina vocals is really strange and this is the kind of shout you like or you hate.

Welcome back anyway.

Killing Songs :
Master Of Disaster
Danny quoted 68 / 100
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