Sigma - Sigma
Athreia records
Melodic Power Metal
12 songs (53'03)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month

Guess what ? another power metal bands emerges from ... from ... Italy. Yes I know, not much of a surprise, but it's good to see that Italy metal's scene is very active and produces alot of new bands.

Like I probably mentionned it too many times, Italian bands problem is mainly production. Even though Sigma has an acceptable one it is still low in comparison with the good quality of the songs presented here. That's too bad, cause with a good production this album could really be a huge surprise. Don't worry it's still a very good one :).

Well, let's finish with the complaints and go straight ahead to the matters at hand : Sigma. This album is a very good power / true metal release. They play a very melodic music with strong guitars riffs and nice song writing. Alot of keyboard orchestrations are also present adding a symphonic touch to their music. I like singer's voice, althougt I could bet he's Italian on first listen. The overall is surprisely good and the first time you listen to it you immediatly get caught by the songs and like them right ahead, which isn't always the case in metal, sometimes it's the exact opposite. But this is good in a way of speaking, I guess it makes Sigma pretty much accessible by many fans from 1st listening. On the album you'll find some excellent true/power metal songs, only a few of them are really original but let's not forget that it's a first album. Songs like Minded Walls or Follow The Sign will get your attention on first listening and you'll immediately like them. The cover of Maniac is simply amazing and even better than the original if you ask me !!!

Let's point out that our Italian friends choosed a strong band name as Sigma is a symbol for perfection. Although there have some road to do to approach it (cause nothing's perfect), they really are on the right track and for a first album I can only congratulate them ! Keep up the good work. For all True / Power metal fan, this one's for you.

Killing Songs :
Minded Walls, Follow The Sign and Maniac (cover)
Chris quoted 79 / 100
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