Tragedy - Reminder
Power (True) Metal
10 songs (46'22)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Marty
This band is yet another band to emerge from the South American metal scene. While some of the more popular bands tend to be centered in and around Brazil, Tragedy calls Argentina home. With so many quality bands out now playing excellent Power and True Metal, the bar is being raised a bit as far as what one should expect from a relatively new band on the scene. Tragedy emerged in 2001, releasing a self-financed debut album entitled, Gates To Infinity. Their music can best be described as Power Metal with some True Metal and even some 80's style metal influences.

Sea of Lights has a similar sound and structure as that of Nightrider from the first Queensryche E.P. There's lots of double-bass drum style Power Metal here on this release with some of the more interesting instrumental changes and breaks having a very Maiden-like quality to them. This band comes up with some cool riffs, and lots of them, which really add spark and diversity to what are otherwise very average and I've-heard-all-this-before type of Power Metal. Solitude is a decent, very fast song with lots of riff changes, and Last Free man, being one of the more stronger tracks, uses some King Crimson, 21st Century Schizoid Man style sudden stops and very offbeat rhythms. Lead vocalist, Esteban Perez has a strong and very versatile voice however, he seems to be stuggling to find a particular vocal style and manages to sound like Geoff Tate, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Timo Kotipelto and a very strained Andre Matos all on the same album!

The production on this album has a very "distant" sound to it and could've been better. I realize the work, effort, sacrifices and commitment required to be in a band to record and release their music, but if a band wants to compete in today's market, they have to come out with something that will grab the listener's attention with it's style and quality. Besides the cool guitar riffs and leads, there's nothing really special about this album. The songs are very average, with a very disjointed and sometimes off-key vocal delivery. There's plenty of bands playing this style of music that are releasing much better albums than this one. All the way through listening to this album, I heard the makings of what could've been great songs and I kept saying to myself' "If only they'd done this or changed that". I think this band has all the elements to be a great band as, instrumentally, they have a pretty good sound. All that's needed is some work on the song arrangements and vocal delivery style. With improvements in those two areas, I'm sure this band could be something to watch for in the future.

Killing Songs :
Sea Of Lights, Solitude, Last Free Man
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