Racer X - Street Lethal
Shrapnel Records
80's Glam Metal
11 songs (35'43)
Release year: 1986
Shrapnel Records
Reviewed by Ben
Archive review

Racer X is a band I'd heard good things about but never got really into. Over the course of a year I began to pick up Racer X cds when I came across them and after picking up Superheroes and Street Lethal I became an avid fan. Street Lethal is their debut album and in my opinion their best. They never quite captured the same feeling and energy that was here on Street Lethal with any of the later releases.

The thing that might keep some people at bay from Racer X is Jeff Martins singing. It doesnt sound like real singing, it doesnt sound like pretty much anything else its unique and odd. After awhile though you accept it and realize its part of the Racer X magic or something. My favorite tracks here are Street Lethal, Into the Night, Blowin Up the Radio, On the Loose and Dangerous Love. They all have a fast pace to them and despite being an LA glam band they contain aggressive playing and solos that arent little squealing ditties on the guitar. Some of them like Street Lethal sound almost Power Metallish. You also have some LA styled arena rockers ehre like Getaway that has the distinctive 80s US sound (MUCH use of reverb and that drum sound that screams 80's) Paul Gilberts guitarwork is really quite bad ass and I have no idea why he decided hed rather be in Mr. Big for awhile. I'll pretend that that never happened sorta like I pretend Metal Messiah isn't on Demolition.

In my opinion this is Racer X's best album. The followup Second Heat is alright but not as passionate as this debut. They then proceeded to put out two live albums, disbanded, reformed, put out an eh album then came back with the asskicker Superheroes and released ANOTHER live album which I'll probably review soon. If you like fast 80's Progressive Glam Metal ( that term is shamelessly stolen from Joe at metal-rules) where the bands dont look like dragqueens check out Racer X preferrably this disc or Superheroes.

Killing Songs :
Street Lethal, Into the Night, Dangerous Love, Blowin Up the Radio
Ben quoted 83 / 100
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