Racer X - Superherroes
Mascot Records
Hard rock
11 songs (51'20)
Release year: 2001
Mascot Records
Reviewed by Danny

Superheroes, Let The Spirit Fly & Godzilla (three first songs in fact) are excellent and as a fan of them, I am diving in typical melodies this band has developed through out the years. However, some strange sounds on Godzilla (call them experimentation if you prefer) let me thought smoothing more strange (or new) will follow. Not at all!!!

Forth song, Dead Man's Shoes, with its heavy guitar sound, is excellent and Racer X typical chorus (sometimes reminding me Impelliteri) is also very good. King Of The Monsters (what a fast rhythm for Racer X) is a roller coast instrumental track. What a shame they didn't dare to put lyrics on that one. Mad At The World is a mid-tempo rock song and here again the arrangement on the vocals are great. This is no doubt Racer X trademark.

Paul Gilbert is always impressive with his guitar and his riffs are not too experimental (except on Evil Joe). Jeff Martin, who reminds me always Rob Rock, is as usual excellent and he certainly bring lots of emotions to Racer X music. From "bluesy" to rock 'n' roll rhythm, Racer X delivers a complex record, not always linear, but really interesting ... if you take the time to hear them carefully.

If you have in your collection their previous work (Technical Difficulties) you will like this one also. A bit heavier, a bit more rock 'n' roll, a bit more "noisy" (production & sound), Superheroes will please fans out there who likes rough hard rock, "square" melodic chorus. Rock 'n' hard done by a band who know how to play emotional songs, who always know how to make your heart beat.

Killing Songs :
Superheroes, Let The Spirit Fly & Godzilla
Danny quoted 83 / 100
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