Mortician - Darkest Day of Horror
Mortician Records
Death Metal
20 songs (39:43)
Release year: 0
Reviewed by Jeff

Back in October when I reviewed Mortician's "Final Bloodbath Session", I mentioned that I received an advanced copy of their next release, "Darkest Day Of Horror"; a limited 2002 Fall US Tour Edition which is scheduled for a January/February 2003 release. "Darkest Day Of Horror" is the first release for Mortician's newly self financed label, Mortician Records.

I'm starting to come to the analogy that Mortician is the Brutal Death Metal version of AC/DC. They haven't really done anything different on this album than they have on all of their other previously released albums. The formula they have been acustomed to using remains constant. The overall sound and mix is pretty much the same. The songs are very thrashy at times and switch to slower gears at others. The bass is as distorted and fuzzy as ever, the guitars are detuned lower than the bowels of Hell and the drum machine still handles all of the percussion. The lyrical content of the songs are still about death, zombies, mutilation, blood, etc and are based on alot of the b-horror movies they love so much. Most of the songs still include sound clips from the movies they are based on. It's a good thing lyrics are included with the CD because their is no way in Hell one can comprehend them just based on listening.

So if more of the same is your cup of tea or keg of beer, than this is for you. I always have a hard time remembering alot of Mortician's songs since they all sound the same after a while.

Again, as with most Mortician releases, I only recommend "Darkest Day Of Horror" to extreme fans of the band and any Brutal Death Metal types of music. I'm actually looking forward to the artwork for this release!


Killing Songs :
The Blood Suckers, Darkest Day of Horror, The Final Sacrifice
Jeff quoted 59 / 100
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