Mortician - Zombie Apocalypse
Relapse Records
Grindcore / Death Metal
10 songs (28:35)
Release year: 1998
Mortician, Relapse Records
Reviewed by Jeff
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I only recently discovered the band Mortician through a friend of mine. He happens to be the first cousin of the bass player, Will Rahmer. I've had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Will a few times at a convention held every six months in New Jersey called "Chiller Theatre". Will's down to earth personality does not reflect the nature of the Music Mortician plays. In fact, Mortician's style of music, referred to as "GRINDCORE", can be hard to stomach. (For a detailed definition, go to this link). You might want to take a few Advil before listening to the vicious assault that waits to be unleashed upon human ears!

Mortician are two guys from Yonkers, NY. (Roger Beaujard-guitars/drums/drum programming and Will Rahmer-vocals/bass guitar). The songs are inspired by their love for b-horror movies. Most songs start off with some intro/clip from a movie the song is about. These intros create an atmosphere of horror and give a short insight for the terror and brutality to follow. Mortician is the kind of band you can listen to on a dark, rainy night, even Halloween for that matter. They detune their instruments to octaves much lower than one might be accustomed to. Vocally it is hard to understand the lyrics. Think of Cookie Monster on Quaaludes. Lyrics are included with each CD, Which makes it easier to interpret what is being said, or grunted if you prefer. Mortician has incorporated the use of a drum machine on almost every release to reach the speed and technical prowess of their music. Some songs start off slow, and then shift into a hyper-speed assault, where the drums reach a speed of almost 420 bpm (beats per minute). The music is transformed into something else at this point, almost like a blender mixing various vegetables into a V-8 drink! At times it's hard to distinguish one song from another since they tend to sound the same. Mortician's recipe of one cup bass, two cups guitar, two cups drums and three cups vocals fractures the speed of sound and human hearing! This album is over and done before you know it, clocking in at almost 30 minutes. Brutality, butchery, blood, guts, etc. Do you get the picture? Or do you get a bucket to puke in? Again, this music IS NOT for trendy ears! Buy with caution but enjoy nonetheless!

Out of all the Mortician albums I have, I like this album the most. I love the cover! The artist Wes Benscoter does great work! The main reason for the 65/100 rating is that GRINDCORE is a very hard type of metal to get used to, and may take a few listens until it sinks in or kills you! If I had to compare the sound and style of this band to others, it would be Death meets S.O.D.!

Killing Songs :
Zombie Apocalypse, F.O.D (Fuck of Death)
Jeff quoted 65 / 100
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