Deris - Done By Mirrors
Massacre Records
11 songs (39'30)
Release year: 2000
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Chris

I always loved Andy Deris voice in both Pink Cream 69 and Helloween and that it's with an unhidden impatience that I put this CD into my player and well my first impressions are : cool !

It's not PC69 nor Helloween that's for sure, it's more rock'n'roll like songs with the guy's excellent voice. There's some strange yet original elements in some songs like some indus try or prog elements but I think that it's what makes it feel cool ! Warning guys this is not a Heavy Metal release that blows your mind away... it's something different, really. My opinion is you love it or you hate it. I personnaly like it a lot. I'm not crazy about it but I like it very much and sometimes it's the perfect album to put my mind at ease and I think that's what this album is for, to hear something different and cool !

Nice work, and I like the artcover as well. (and what a fucking great voice :) !)

Killing Songs :
Let Your Love Fly Free, Free, Back Again.
Chris quoted 75 / 100
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