Queen - News Of The World
Classic Rock
11 songs (39:20)
Release year: 1977
Queen, EMI
Reviewed by Jeff

"News of the World " is Queen's 6th album and was released in 1977. This album placed Queen way up into the American radio charts, helping them attain new fans.

"News of the World" is one of Queen's most versatile albums, incorporting various styles from their five previous releases, both musically and lyrically. This album includes a good mix of rock tunes and mellodic ballads. Queen's music is best characterized as "opera rock" and easily recognized by Freddie Mercury's vocals and Brian May's guitar style.

The CD opens up with probably the most popular Queen song, "We Will Rock You"; a chant-like song with claps and heavy bass drum used at many sporting events. It was Queen's first number one hit. This tune goes into yet another Queen classic, "We Are The Champions", which also went number one. This track is also used at sporting events, but mostly championships like the Superbowl, World Series and the Stanley Cup. Freddie Mercury sings powerfully in this song.

"Sheer Heart Attack" is the fast, upbeat punkish styled rocker written by Roger Taylor. It's the most aggressive and heaviest track on the album.

"All Dead, All Dead" is a Brian May ballad about the reminiscing of a lost love and everything that she brought into his life. It's saddening in tone.

"Spread Your Wings" is a song in which only one vocal track is used; no backups or overdubs. It's a straight forward power rocker about following your dreams and making an effort to be what you want to be. John Deacon's great bass lines, as well as Mercury's strong voice and May's guitar picking make this track a real crowd winner.

"Fight From The Inside" is another Roger Taylor track, which is also sung by him. It is funky in style, but heavy.

"Get Down, Make Love" is the weird, psychadelic song about a subject that's on most people's minds. The middle part of this song has chorus and delay effects with the Queen harmoy vocal overdubs. It also has dynamic changes in loudness and softness.

"Sleeping On The Sidewalk" is the story of a trumpet player who learns what it's like to be in the "big time", experiencing both ups and downs. It's bluesy in style.

"Who Needs You" sounds Spanish in style because of the acoustic guitar and maraccas.

"It's Late" is one of my personal favorites. It's another great power rocker with fantastic chord playing by May and another fine vocal performance by Mercury. Deacon adds some heavy bass and Taylor plays some great drum rolls completing the bottom end.

The CD closes out with "Melancholy Blues". This tune gives you the feeling of sitting at a bar in N.Y.C. on a rainy night, all alone, just you and the piano player.

I received "News of the World" when it first came out. I was 12 years old back then and still listen to this album, more than ever.

Queen will always remain top notch musically. They were innovators as well as originators and have made their mark in rock history. They were a big influence on alot of todays metal acts such as Rhapsody and Blind Guardian. As good as those two bands are, no one ever has or ever will come close to sounding like Queen, a classic act like no other!.


Killing Songs :
We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions, Sheer Heart Attack, Spread Your Wings, It's Late
Jeff quoted 90 / 100
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