King Diamond - House Of God
Massacre Records
Heavy Metal
13 songs (51'12)
Release year: 2000
King Diamond, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Claus
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Starting out with yet another evil and extremely mood-setting intro, you an't help but think that this is going to be another typical King Diamond album. "House Of God" really is an archetypical King Diamond album with all that follows - horror story, powerful metal riffing, great solos, progressive keyboard atmospheres and that oh-so-reckognisable high-pitched screaming voice of King's. It ain't gonna be no secret that I've always been partial to the sounds of King Diamond, heck - even Mercyful Fate have had my loyal trust for years. I remember first time I heard "Don't Break The Oath" back in '84 - wow! I quickly got a hold of "Melissa" (yeah, I know it's the reverse order, but hey, I was only a kid back then..), and from then on things just happened so that King Diamond and Mercyful Fate have become more than regular guests on my turntable. Albums such as "Abigail", "Fatal Portrait" and "Conspiracy" ranks high in my opinion of what is quality heavy metal releases, and especially "Abigail" is one of the best HM discs ever recorded. With "House Of God", the King is onto album number one million or so in his career, but you really can't hear that. This is the sound of a heavy metal band ready to kick some serious butt - a metal band who knows how to compose and play great songs - a lyricist who has the rare ability to write interesting concept stories. From the first song "The Trees Have Eyes", you quickly realize that King has taken on the direction of the older KD albums (and even hints of Mercyful Fate here and there) instead of the more progressive side shown on the latest KD releases such as "Voodoo" or "The Graveyard" - this is much more the old feeling from "Conspiracy", "The Eye" or "Them". The titletrack really kicks ass - perfect horror-mood set by the atmospheric keyboards, a haunting guitar solo, and powerful drumming! Yes, King Diamond is back with another great album - an album I as a longtime fan really can give my best recommendation. Now - go get it!

Killing Songs :
House Of God, The Pact, Help!!!
Claus quoted 95 / 100
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