Gamma Ray - Blast From The Past
Noise Records
Melodic Speed Metal
Disc 1: 10 songs (61'05) Disc 2: 10 songs (60'28)
Release year: 2000
Gamma Ray, Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris

I strongly hope this is a joke or a bad dream and that I'm gonna wake up !?!?! ... well it seems not to be a dream, but it certainly feels like a nightmare, especially for a huge GammaRay fan like me.

What the hell is this first CD ? Can any true GammaRay fan stand up and tell me face to face that these ridiculous remix versions are better than the old ones ? That Kai sounds better than Ralf ? (not even in your dreams man!).

Singing "Land of The Free" is one thing, trying to make "Last Before The Storm" sound better than with Ralf's voice is a big, huge joke and I'm laughing my ass out. I'm not saying the Kai isn't a good singer, he's a very good singer for the new GammaRay style, but what belongs to the past should stay there... at least when it's carved in our mind like the best songs of that period ! OK the sound is better, but I think Kai should grow a bit cause the only thing I'm impressed with is his no-limits ego and childich way of showing off.

Before I saw him live at a festival lately I had a huge respect for the guy... this respect is not gone but it felt down the cliff. How can a guy show in front of an audience and sing 1 hour of GammaRay's best souvenir with new voice and remix and think the public will love it ??? Now some people won't agree and I already had many arguments with people about it. And you know what I found out ? New GammaRay fans love this new remix cause they don't know GammaRay like we do, from the roots and along the years.

So it's pretty simple, you're a new GammaRay fan, you can buy it ! But if you think that what was once perfect shouldn't be tempered with like I do : avoid it at all cost !

Killing Songs :
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