Einherjer - Demo 2002
Native North Records
Viking Metal
3 songs (14'35)
Release year: 2002
Reviewed by Jack
Surprise of the month
I have never been a huge fan of Einherjer since I have never liked their former vocalist Ragnar Vikse. I have not listened to their earlier stuff with first vocalist Rune Bjelland either. Anyway, the band posted a statement on their homepage to inform they parted ways with vocalist Ragnar Vikse. The band sees this opportunity to rebuild the essence of their musical approach the way it was meant to be. Dark, mysterious and enchanting music with equally dark, mysterious and enchanting vocals. The art of viking metal in its original form. The band sees one of their founding members as their new singer, guitarist Frode Glesnes. The band came up at the end of last year with a virtual demo release of new material. In fact, the three songs The Eternally Damned, Dead Knight's Rite and Ware Her Venom are available to download on their homepage.

Let me tell you I am quite anxious to listen to their new release as this three songs are really great. The Eternally Damned is rather short clocking at 2’59 and sounds more or less like an opening track. The feeling is great though. Things are getting better with Dead Knight's Rite and its great majestic melodies. This mid-tempo song combines the traditional epic viking metal theme with some light black metal touches. This is definitely a catchy song and one of the best viking metal tunes I have ever heard. The last song Ware Her Venom is not as good as Dead Knight's Rite but remains an excellent song with the same qualities as the previous one. The vocals delivered by guitarist Frode Glesnes are very good and sound genuinely viking.

Killing Songs :
Dead Knight's Rite
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