Void - Posthuman
Nocturnal Art Productions
Industrial Black Metal
8 songs (48:45)
Release year: 2003
Nocturnal Art Productions
Reviewed by Jay

Black Metal and electronica are two areas of music that you wouldn’t expect to mix. If you hold this belief, it’s highly doubtful that Void will change your mind. This album is a complex mess of parts that have no rhyme or reason. It’s a jumble that’s been strewn together to see what would happen. There seems to be no vision, no songwriting, and no clue behind this chaos.

The first of many problems is that every song sounds the same. The cold drum machine beat samples are virtually unchanged from song to song. While the vocals and other samples differ, the beat is nearly constant and it gets monotonous and annoying fast. I appreciate good industrial and synth-pop but this is not it. The use of highly varied and interesting samples is good but it cannot hold your attention long. “Cypher” is the opening song and one of the worst. The black metal screams are completely out of place with the keyboard work. The multiple drum patters confuse you and the whole thing just sounds bad. The last 40 seconds of “Syndrome” isn’t music. It’s just random samples of machines hoping to convey some meaningless point I’m sure. “Pathogen Bombshell” is the killing song of this album, if you want to call it that. The guitar work is decent and there is a semblance of coherence and unity among the parts of the song. It has some jungle beats though, which in my interpretation of metal, are uncalled for. Another inconsistency is the vocals. At points, they are pure black metal style but at other times, they are more of the industrial groan or the synth scream.

Void tried to do entirely too much here. They traditional metal with keyboards or Wumpscut style industrial is a starting point before delving into more experimental style music. The album is just a heap of parts that don’t fit together. Listening to this is like trying to put together a puzzle with pieces from ten different puzzles mixed in.

Killing Songs :
Pathogen Bombshell
Jay quoted 37 / 100
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