Loud & Clear - Disc - Connected
MTM Music
Melodic Hard Rock / AOR
13 songs (51'20)
Release year: 2002
MTM Music
Reviewed by Ben

Loud and Clear are a melodic hard rock band that are on the light end of the spectrum. They aren’t really hard hitting like some melodic rock bands such as Shakra but are more of a mix between the light popiness of Harem Scarem with a singer (Jess Harnell, I hear a lot about him in other reviews of this album like he'e some rock god but to be honest, before Loud and Clear I had never heard of him) that makes you think of the 80’s while the music itself tends to sound up to date and modern while still retaining a sense of the past. In this reviewers opinion, Disc – Connected sounds like what Def Leppard SHOULD have put out instead of X. There are plenty of fun light-hearted songs, relationship songs, and really great ballads too, a pre-requisite for any hard rock cd.

The guys in the band have spent a lot of time coming up with catchy hooks and solid choruses as these two elements are what drive pretty much every single song. There aren’t really any riffs that stand out but I guarantee that after just a few listens to songs like the opener Tell Me Why or Ain’t Talkin’ Bout’ Nothing you will find yourself singing the chorus over and over. Those above mentioned songs plus the majority of the tracks on Disc – Connected are mid-tempo with a good bass line that just makes you nod your head unconsciously to. Tell Me Why is one of the stronger cuts and a perfect opener because within thirty seconds of the song you know what this band is all about, it just has a feel good vibe to it but not in a over the top happy way like Freedom Call. When I Feel Like That is just a great song in general and if stuff like this was on the radio I wouldn’t be that pissed. Really, it sounds like something that kids who don’t hate their parents cos Jonathan Davis told em to, could actually like. It is simple, catchy, hooky, commercial but yet it retains integrity cos you know that this band knows they’ll never be huge but this is just the music they love to play. One more song that I think could have some huge radio potential if the radio system in the US didn’t suck completely and you had to pay big bucks just to get on at a timeslot other than 2 A.M. is Take Another Look. It reminds me of that song that band SR-71 did awhile back but it doesn’t reek of teeny bopperness like Sr-71’s. The ballads are of a particularly high class as well. They don’t sound contrived or boring and they rival Def Leppard’s best ones in my opinion. Songs like Fly Away and I Can’t Wait kill Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad? or Hysteria, yes that’s right I said they kill Hysteria.

Despite being a well rounded album, after several repeated spins Disc – Connected begins to lose steam around the eighth track if you listen to the cd all the way through in one sitting. If you sit down and listen to just like five or seven songs then it’s a great experience but unless you’re just really relaxed or in a contemplative mood about your significant other, then you probably won’t reach the last song in one sitting despite this being a very enjoyable disc. If you are like me and like good melodic rock and can enjoy slow to mid-tempo songs that deal with relationships and can take a break from praising the gods of steel (I know, its hard for me too) put Disc – Connected on. I highly recommend it to fans of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Harem Scarem, and Jaded Heart.

Killing Songs :
Tell Me Why, When I Feel Like That, Take Another Look, and I Can't Wait
Ben quoted 74 / 100
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