Kreator - Live Kreation
Thrash Metal
Disc 1: 13 songs (53:36) Disc 2: 11 songs (48:13)
Release year: 2003
Kreator, Steamhammer
Reviewed by Jeff
Major event

Kreator was one of the first premier thrash metal outfits to come out of Europe. They were formed in 1984 in Essen, Germany, and displayed an aggressive style in their music; fast, furious, angry, violent, etc.

Kreator has roughly ten studio albums, two EP's and three compilations. Over the years Kreator has released some live songs on albums such as "Out of the Dark...Into The Light" and "Scenarios of Violence", but never an official full length live album until now.

"Live Kreation" was recorded during the "Violent Revolution" tour and the timing couldn't have been better. Being it took Kreator this long to release a live album, they are giving the fans 24 of their best tracks as a double CD. "Live Kreation" covers material from the beginning of Kreator's career up through their last masterpiece, "Violent Revolution". The breakdown goes like this:

CD 1:

1. The Patriarch ("Violent Revolution")

2. Violent Revolution ("Violent Revolution")

3. Reconquering The Throne ("Violent Revolution")

4. Extreme Aggression ("Extreme Aggression")

5. People Of The Lie ("Coma of Souls")

6. All Of The Same Blood ("Violent Revolution")

7. Phobia ("Outcast")

8. Pleasure To Kill ("Pleasure To Kill")

9. Renewal ("Renewal")

10. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell ("Violent Revolution")

11. Black Sunrise ("Outcast")

12. Terrible Certainty ("Terrible Certainty")

13. Riot Of Violence ("Pleasure To Kill")

CD 2:

1. Lost ("Cause For Conflict")

2. Coma Of Souls ("Coma of Souls")

3. Second Awakening ("Violent Revolution")

4. Terrorzone ("Coma of Souls")

5. Betrayer ("Extreme Aggression")

6. Leave This World Behind ("Outcast")

7. Under The Guillotine ("Pleasure To Kill")

8. Awakening The Gods ("Pleasure To Kill")

9. Golden Age ("Endorama")

10. Flag Of Hate ("Endless Pain")/("Pleasure To Kill")/("Flag of Hate" EP)

11. Tormentor ("Endless Pain")

The end result is outstanding! Everything from the recording quality and the performances to the song selections. Most of these songs sound just as good live, if not better, than the studio versions; especially the older songs since Kreator has found a good mix between their current sound and the production they now use. This helps give the older songs "renewed" life. Kreator also has their best and tightest line up since the "Coma of Souls" album.

I was fortunate enough to see Kreator in a small club during the "Coma of Souls" tour back in 1990. They were incredible live. At that time I was hoping they were going to release a live album but never did. Then with a shift in musical direction, some line up changes and albums that didn't really match up to their previous releases, Kreator seemed to have lost their way. But with a great comeback album like "Violent Revolution", Kreator showed that they still had some "kreativity" left and proved why they have staying power in the industry and are still one of the best thrash metal outfits today..

With live releases this year from some other great German bands like Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray, it's only fitting that Kreator adds something to the mix. This album is a must have and will truly compliment anyone's CD collection.

Killing Songs :
Violent Revolution, Reconquering The Throne, People of the Lie, Coma of Souls, Riot of Violence, Terrible Certainty, Terrorzone, Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
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