Anthrax - Return Of The Killer A's (Best Of)
Beyond Music
Thrash "à la" Anthrax
15 songs (75'39)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

There will be no quote here at Metal Reviews for Live & "Best of" albums, but we will comment/review those albums anyway. As you know (or should), Anthrax has opened a new path with their music, a path that has been taken somehow by RATM or KORN (just to name the best ones). Have they been really recognized for their great music ? Let's hope for them that this "best of" will give them a boost in recognition. Anthrax thrash ("hip-hop" and very catchy) is really funny and in the same time very fresh. When you hear all those new bands trying to "ride the wave" on Thrash revival, we suggest you listen to this one. No weak songs, great remixes and definitively a pioneer and a reference for so many "thrashy" bands. Music is a state of open-mindedness, for musicians and fans. So be open-minded, hear it and judge by yourself, those who "opened the path" for others.

Killing Songs :
All !!!
Danny quoted no quote
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