Supreme Majesty - Danger
Massacre Records
Melodic Heavy / Power Metal
9 songs (43'42)
Release year: 2003
Supreme Majesty, Massacre Records
Reviewed by Marty
Danger, produced by famed metal producer Fredrik Nordstrom, is the second album from this Swedish band and is the follow-up to their first album, Tales Of A Tragic Kingdom released in 2001. Supreme Majesty play a brand of metal than can be best described as a mix of traditional melodic heavy metal with some power metal elements as far as the speedy drumming and muted Helloween style riffing. The band has just recently added another guitarist in order for guitarist/keyboardist Chrille Anderson to play keyboards live, eliminating the need to use a session keyboard player during their live performances.

With a name like Supreme Majesty and reading about this band being in the power metal genre, I expected song after song of speedy double bass style metal. I was pleasantly surprised when this album turned out to be more of a melodic or tradtional heavy metal album and that although there are some speedy elements, it doesn't dominate the band's sound. Joakim Olsson, the lead vocalist for the band, has a great powerful voice and one that really fits the style and sound of this band. Taking a page from the Michael Kiske book of heavy metal singing, he uses the same soaring style for Supreme Majesty's music which is a powerful blend of heavy guitars and rich keyboard sounds with lots of lead guitar accents and fills. The guitar sounds vary from big sustaining power chords to speedy muted Helloween style riffs. The title track, Danger even with it's heavy riffing, has a more commercial AOR sound to it than the rest of the album and shows a diversity in sound that is a refreshing change. The double bass power metal style emerges on the track Heroes Of Our Lands and they even manage to pull off a couple of great power ballads with Until The End Of Time and By Your Side. Until The End Of Time is an album highlight with it's epic style, big power chords over the vocals and a great emotional vocal performance. Excellent expressive lead guitar and some Iron Maiden style lead harmonies spice up many tracks and the keyboard sounds range from a blend with the guitars to a lead instrument as well with many keyboard lead solos. A touch of melodic 80's style metal can be heard on some of the songs and overall, the band sounds great.

Supreme Majesty has once again delivered a solid album. With only two albums under their belt and with both of them being of very high quality, I believe that they can only get better. They have a great solid and heavy sound and have an above average vocalist than most other newer power metal bands. The only thing that I can really find fault with is in the songwriting, especially with the verses to the songs. Almost all the tracks have great catchy choruses but the build up during the verses seems a bit lacking in energy. Work is needed to spice up some of those sections and to make sure that the entire song benefits from the great voice of Joakim Olsson. He has the voice, it's just all about how it's used in the songs. Otherwise, a very solid release from a band to really watch out for.

Killing Songs :
Heroes Of Our Lands, Until The End Of Time, Save Me and Two Against Many
Marty quoted 78 / 100
Chris quoted 84 / 100
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