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Release year: 2003
Motley Crue
Reviewed by Ben

I don’t care what anyone says, Motley Crue were the original bad asses of the LA metal scene. With a career that has spanned over twenty years now, these dudes have done anything and everything out there and have lived to tell about it. Greatest Video Hits spans the entire length of the beast known as the Crue from their pentagram and spikes Livewire video to their latest clip Hell on High Heels from New Tattoo. Just like Iron Maiden’s Visions of the Beast there isn’t any in between vid banter like intros and how the clip was filmed and all that it’s just video hit after video hit. Unlike the past video release, Decade of Decadence this one isn’t in any sort of chronological order, in fact the clips aren’t in order of anything at all, not even the Corabi videos are together. Granted, some sense of unity would have helped the package out a bit but overall it’s not something I cry over every night and yell, “Why oh why aren’t my Motley Crue videos in order?”

Low budget madness is the name of the game with the early videos such as Livewire, Looks that Kill, and Too Young to Fall in Love. Even after having seen Too Young… and Looks that Kill a million times I still have no idea what in the hell is going on in them. Great songs, uber cheesy videos. Ten bucks says that most of you in reader land have seen the ones off of Girls, Girls, Girls and Dr. Feelgood and if you haven’t seen Home Sweet Home then you led an extremely sheltered childhood. Real quick, the best ones from this classic era are Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away with its cool story and jam session, and Kickstart My Heart. The rarely aired Corabi era vids are, Hooligan’s Holiday, Misunderstood, and Smoke the Sky. It’s funny to see the guys decked out in 1994 alternative threads in Hooligan’s Holiday, it just doesn’t look right. Hell, the video itself just feels weird and is too similar to Smashing Pumpkins or any other mid 90’s crap alternative group. Misunderstood is a quiet piece with the dudes sitting on the porch of a suburban home playing their gear before things kick into gear and Smoke the Sky is reminiscent of Livewire with its bootleg look and feel to it with black and white, really fast camera cuts, and frantic feel to it. I never saw Afraid before and even though Generation Swine was a flop of Cold Lake proportions I love the song and the video is sorta cool. I say sorta because the computer generated effect with the bald chick looks too forced and doesn’t blend in with the surroundings that well. Enslaved (one of my favorite songs by the band, actually one of my favorite songs of all time) is made up entirely of bootleg footage from the first leg of the 98 / 99 Greatest Hits tour, I even have two of the shows that make up about 90% of the footage which are the Dallas and Austin shows.

Extra features consist of really cool and kick ass menu selection screens, some alternate versions of music videos and an in-depth and informative interview with Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee about each video clip. The alternate videos are Girls, Girls, Girls (X-Rated version), Dr. Feelgood (European version), Primal Scream, Misunderstood, and Hell on High Heels uncensored versions, and finally the ’91 remix of Home Sweet Home. Not too shabby. The interview is really nice because Nikki and Tommy share some awesome stories behind the videos and their chemistry is great, you can tell that these guys have been friends ever since they were kids starting out in Nikki’s shack jamming out while he would stop every fifteen minutes to call up some random guy and try to sell him crap. For all Motley Crue fans, Greatest Video Hits is an essential purchase and worth every penny. I have been playing this frequently since I bought it at maximum volume and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Killer package and killer material, even though you might not like the Crue it’s obvious they spent a good deal of time putting this DVD together.

Killing Songs :
Don't Go Away Mad, Enslaved, and Kickstart My Heart
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