Motley Crue - Shout At The Devil
Elektra Entertainment Group Inc.
Heavy Metal
11 songs (33:35)
Release year: 1983
Motley Crue, Elektra
Reviewed by Ben

I’m re-reading The Dirt for the umpteenth time and while engaging myself in the various Motley shenanigans I decided to do a write up of this classic album, Shout At The Devil. Motley Crue might be most well known for their many non musical endeavors but their first two LP’s, Too Fast For Love and Shout At The Devil are truly metal classics. Released in 1983, Shout At The Devil is definitely the hardest hitting out of all of Motley Crue’s albums. Where Too Fast For Love had a very punk sheen put on it Shout is a refined metallic beast. In my opinion, this is the album where Nikki Sixx’s creativity shines the most. Unlike every release that would follow (from the trash of Theatre Of Pain to the pop rock extravaganza of Dr. Feelgood) this record here has absolutely no filler whatsoever. Before Nikki became a prisoner of his heroin addiction he was able to channel his anger and frustration into the eleven tracks that comprise this album.

Beginning with a one two punch out the gate with the title track and Looks That Kill, this album is off to a very outspoken start. Both songs are mid tempo fist pumpers that are played live at almost every Crue show in the band’s history. The LA quartet also enjoyed commercial success with the epic Too Young To Fall In Love. Tommy Lee gets to show off his drum chops with an extended percussive intro and Vince’s imploring voice makes the simple chorus into a radio hit. One of my personal favorites for sure. However, it is the unsung tracks that make Shout At The Devil the classic that it is, not the three radio songs that helped propel the band into stardom. Ten Seconds To Love is a sleazy grinding song that oozes filthy sensuality. A peon to a slam fest in a descending elevator, you can tell the guys know all about getting dirty with one listen to this monster. Guitarist Mick Mars also has a terrific sounding guitar tone throughout the album. It is as grimy and calloused as a steel worker’s handshake and is perfect for this chapter in the Motley story. Knock ‘em Dead Kid is another personal favorite and lyrically, this deals with Nikki’s encounter with some cops that ended up beating the living hell out of him after he whipped one in the face with chains. The sheer vitriolic hate that permeates the song really paints a picture of Nikki stooped over a dirty notebook pad, bloody and bruised, spewing this song out. Red Hot is this albums ode to the power of Marshall stacks and the strength of youth. The fastest song on Shout At The Devil this is a simple yet infectious track that sounds great live. There are no surprises in terms of the way this is structured yet it is hammered out with such a frantic energy that it makes a listener take notice immediately.

In 2006 Motley Crue is an institution. While they might be out now touring stadiums with Aerosmith and blowing through millions of dollars on exorbitant rock star tom foolery, there was a time when Motley Crue were four starving musicians hungry for a taste of fame. Shout At The Devil is a snapshot in time that chronicles the fire and passion that drove Motley Crue to the stratospheric heights that they are at today. Not only a great forty odd minutes of listening pleasure, this is also a pretty cool history lesson for those that want to transport themselves into the heydey of early eighties heavy metal. Highly recommended.

Killing Songs :
Ten Seconds To Love, Knock 'em Dead Kid, Too Young To Fall In Love, Shout At The Devil
Ben quoted CLASSIC
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