Terror 2000 - Slaughter In Japan
Scarlet Records
Thrash Metal Live
10 songs (41'00)
Release year: 2003
Terror 2000, Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Danny

One of the good thrash metal band of the new decade would argue some of you. I would rather say that the members of Soilwork and Darkane have created a side-project, using the "spotlight" of their respective bands. But there are not the only one to "blame" for such action. It has become a fashion to proceed that way.

This is the kind of release for the true fan, the guy who wants to have a footprint of his favorite band. Following their Japanese-tour with Destruction, Terror 2000 recorded Slaughter In Japan, Live 2003 (recorded at Antiknock in Tokyo, 29 May 2003). If you like in your face thrash metal slaughtering and assaulting your neurons, this one is for you. The production sounds like a live album (no, seriously ?). Joke apart, this was a long time I haven't heard such a strong production for a live album. The less I can say about the performance of the musicians on stage is ... Nuclear. As I emphasize above this live is a permanent assault ... actually this Slaughter In Japan, Live 2003 give me the envy to watch them live next time they tour in Switzerland. Bombastic !!!

Slaughter In Japan, Live 2003 is an excellent live album to start with if you don't know Terror 2000. However, like it was the case for the live album of Children Of Bodom, I think this Slaughter In Japan, Live 2003 comes to early in the career of the band considering Terror 2000 released only two studio albums so far, but that's another story.

A funny live intro, eight bombastic missiles ... and one cover of the Elvis classic Devil In Disguise (why not ?). A thrashy version should I say.

Check this live ... especially if you like to headbang in your room.

Killing Songs :
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