Dionysus - Anima Mundi
AFM Records
Melodic Power Metal
11 songs (53'21)
Release year: 2004
Dionysus, AFM Records
Reviewed by Danny

I mentioned on Persuader's review that each new spin of Evolution Purgatory was a discovery, a drug effect of my senses. The more I listen to Evolution Purgatory, the more I needed it. Here with Dionysus, that's the exact opposite feeling that emerges after each new spin. Track after track and spin after spin, the "magical" effect of the first spin is diluted. I got interested in this band because of the musicians involved : Olaf Hayer (Luca Turilli's singer), Ronny Milianowicz (ex-Sinergy), Kaspar Kalquist (ex-Stormwind), Johnny Ohlin (Nation). Their first album (Sign Of Truth) was a good release.

Describing Dionysus' music is an easy task : Nocturnal Rites meets Stratovarius. The problem however with Anima Mundi is that you know these songs by heart while none of them are killers (expecting may be Anima Mundi). The verse/bridge/chorus song-writing is typical, with very few surprises to be point out. Even though Olaf Hayer does an excellent job with his voice, he reminds me too many times Timo Kotipelto and therefore accentuating the "Stratovarius effect". As a matter of fact, Anima Mundi turns to be a "strange" release with some interesting tracks (Divine, Anima Mundi). Divine reminds me the first albums of Nocturnal Rites, while Anima Mundi has this classic Stratovarius touch (keyboard/guitar melody). My Heart Is Crying is interesting ... even though the lyrics are "funny", not to say pretty childish. On March Of Freedom, Dyonisus takes the shape of Manowar, with Olaf singing like Eric Adams. There are also a couple of songs that contains neoclassical metal atmosphere (What) for those of you who like to know each "class description", reminding you the music played by Time Requiem or Majestic.

On the other hand, there are many "fillers" and the rest of the album is unfortunately very predictive. Stratovarius and Nocturnal Rites are doing this type of music since a long time ... and even though some songs have an interesting epic feeling ... we have heard that for too long now. Anima Mundi is a good record for all of the fans out there who buy everything from the melodic power metal scene.

This is the kind of album you listen the first week ... and forget you bought it four weeks later. If you are that kind of collector, go for it ;-)

Killing Songs :
Anima Mundi
Danny quoted 60 / 100
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