Flowing Tears - Razorbliss
Century Media
Gothic Rock
12 songs (44'48)
Release year: 2004
Flowing Tears, Century Media
Reviewed by Jack

Sometimes as a reviewer you just go wrong. Alas, you realise it weeks after you posted the review and there's nothing you can do to change it. I admit I overquoted Flowing Tears latest recording Serpentine. If I were to quote it now, I wouldn't go higher than 75 or 80. Anyway, what has been done has been done and it is time to move on.

Flowing Tears is back with a brand new female vocalist. Stephanie Duchene indeed thought it was time for her to move on, so the band recruited a new vocalist named Helen Vogt. She's pretty good looking, but her voice sounds similar to Stephanie Duchene. I don't know if the band intended to find the exact replica of their previous female vocalist, but they successfully managed to do a good job. At least the change is not for worse, I would even say it's for the better as Helen brings a fresh breeze on their sound and the chemistry seems to be stronger than before. This album however sounds pretty much like Evanescence's Fallen. Looking at the guys new look it was quite obvious, but it's more evident as the music goes on. Opening song and album title track Razorbliss sounds as if it had been recorded during the recording sessions of Fallen. For those like me who like that kind of sound, it is very enjoyable, but those who can't stand Evanesence won't stand Flowing Tears either, especially with this new album, as the band clearly walks the same paths as The Gathering and Evanesence and that might annoy a big part of the audience. Flowing Tears is definitely not a headbanging fronted female band such as Arch Enemy...

I have been listening to this new album for the last three weeks as I wanted to be sure of my quotation, and there's no doubt that this album is superior to its predecessor, but Razorbliss will have a lower quote than Serpentine since as I stated in my intro I made a mistake with the quotation of that album. Furthermore, since I decided to become harsher with my quotations, I don't want to give this album a higher quote than a strong 85. I hope you'll understand my point of view and my arguments.

Killing Songs :
Razobliss, Virago, Mine Is The Ocean,
Jack quoted 85 / 100
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