Flowing Tears - Jade
Century Media
Gothic Metal
12 songs (44'51)
Release year: 2000
Flowing Tears, Century Media
Reviewed by Marc

The mesmerizing voice of Stefanie DuchĂȘne takes you to musical landscapes of infinite sadness. You're now listening to Flowing Tears latest album: Jade.
This band from Germany, formerly known as "Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers", plays melodic and atmospheric songs, expressing melancholy and sorrow like only gothic music can. Stefanie's voice is the main element of the compositions, perfect for the feelings evoked through gloomy but beautiful lyrics while the instruments are used to set the atmosphere with dark and obsessive melodies. The production is of excellent quality with the sound of the guitars and keyboards always right for the ambience of the songs.
Even if all the songs on this album sound a little bit the same, I didn't get bored at all while listening to it again and again. Probably because of all the emotion it makes you feel. If you like gothic music, get this magnificent album at once. And who knows ? You might shed a tear.

Killing Songs :
Sistersun, Swallow, Under The Red
Marc quoted 85 / 100
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