Holy Mother - My World War
Point Music / Shark Records
Heavy Metal (à la Dio)
11 songs (43'30)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Danny

It is a big disappointment my fiends. After the unbelievable "Toxic Rain" and Mike Tirelli's voice (Dio is back), "Criminal Afterlife" wasn't as good, but for a second album (third album in fact, but I prefer to not talk about the "real" first Holy Mother), it was still OK. However, I already thought at that time the band should have done a bigger 'pause' between their works, because songs where less heavy, less melodic and the magic of "Toxic Rain" was almost gone.
Well, with this one, the burial is underway. Guys, their are nice songs on your CD, but you should have in mind that a good CD today is composed of 8-10 good songs, no boring moments AND one or two neck-breaker songs. It is a shame, because the album starts with two good songs, but it looks that the rest of the CD has been "filled up". As for the cover song (Billy Idol - Rebell Yell), it is like "Criminal Afterlife" album cover (Dio - Holy Diver) the best song, but sorry guys
it is not your song. Another bad point is this art-cover : VERY "childish". I don't know but.........with a title like this,
I was excepting something MORE explosive.
Next time you go back in studio, take at least 18 months ......... and try to avoid writing the same kind of music. We didn't need a second "Toxic Rain" and supposing we have asked for a second one, "My World War" is definitively NOT this one. Fans of Holy Mother won't be really disappointed, but don't except miracles.

Killing Songs :
Livin'on Luck, Freakshow
Danny quoted 67 / 100
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