Innerwish - Silent Faces
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Melodic Power Metal
10 songs (57'34)
Release year: 2004
Innerwish, Limb Music Products
Reviewed by Marty
Greece's Innerwish got their start in 1995 and their first album, Waiting For The Dawn in 1998, was very well received and is considered by some as a classic from the Greek metal scene. The band has opened for such acts as Therion, Anathema, Valley's Eve and Brainstorm and this new album, Silent Faces, the band's second, sees the band with a new drummer and new vocalist. Innerwish's music can be described as melodic power metal with some speedy fast elements but their roots remain firmly implanted in a more traditional heavy metal style.

Lots of solid galloping riffs, double bass drumming and a solid melodic style to the vocals graces the opening track, Dance Of The Storm. Lots of variety in the riffing makes this band far from being predictable. The band continues with track after track of solid melodic power metal and tempos vary from slow and pounding to speedy and fast with lots of melodic and layered vocals. Catchy choruses are found on many tracks including Midnight Call that features a clever use of melody and heaviness as well as some great lead breaks. Extended instrumental breaks and more quieter reflective passages found on several tracks deviate from the "norm" for most power metal bands and ventures more into prog metal territory. A mix of quiet acoustic guitar and heavier sections on tracks like the title track, Silent Faces and Riding On The Wind do a great job of introducing a nice ebb and flow to the album.

Innerwish offers up a decent power metal album here with a great sound, solid vocals and manages to create a great dramatic mood throughout their music. Overall, they have a similar sound and feel as such bands as Labyrinth and At Vance but really don't offer anything new to the power metal scene. A good album and one that most power metal fans will probably like but is going to do very little as far as getting the band noticed amongst the seemingly "endless sea" of bands like this in existence nowadays.

Killing Songs :
Dance Of The Storm, Midnight Call and Silent Faces
Marty quoted 70 / 100
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