Korn - Issues
Epic Records
Thrash meets Atmospheric Metal
Disc 1: 16 songs (53:18) Disc 2: 5 songs (21:43)
Release year: 2000
Korn, Epic Records
Reviewed by Danny

Where disappear their "hip-hop" trash of their previous released ? Good question. Here you will ear new sounds and their "trash" seems now to be out of reach for their direct competitors (is it still hip-hop "trash" by the way ?). Korn wanted to walk on a new path and have added very "atmospheric" metal part on some songs (strange but catchy). Melodies are also more present than before. But the big difference is the voice which is much more "clear" and less "shouting"(don't worry not on all the disc). This give another dimension to their songs and also to KORN. Listen to the second song "Falling Away From Me" and if you don't find what is new, trust me you're deaf. Without going to far in the experimental part (even if sometimes you got that feeling to ear Pink Floyd, George Michael or the Who here and there) it sounds definitively fresh and new. Last word, their are songs that could have been perfectly used for film like "Seven" : mystical, psychedelic and marvelous. In the bonus disc called "All Mixed Up", you will ear different previously released remixes plus one unreleased "heavy" mix of Jingle Bells called Jingle Balls. This new record is a must for Korn's fans. A strange curiosity for all others. At least it deserved one listening.

Killing Songs :
Trash, Wake Up, Falling Away From Me, Jingle Balls.
Danny quoted 85 / 100
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